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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are between OCE Grading (we, us or our) and the customer (you or your). Please read this Agreement carefully prior to accepting the Agreement. By clicking an acknowledgement box and/or making payment for the service, you, the customer, acknowledge that you have read the OCE Grading Terms and Conditions (the 'Agreement') set forth below and agree to abide by this agreement, subject to your consumer law rights.

1. We aim to use reasonable endeavours to provide our services within the estimated time provided. However, you acknowledge and agree that any dates outlined by us for completion of services are estimates only. We will hold no responsibility for any delays. 

2. In order for us to provide our services you agree to arrange for the posting and delivery of your cards (at your own cost) to us. We will not be liable, and you waive and release us from, any liability arising from any damage or defects existing at the time we accept delivery of your cards. The risk and responsibility for those cards will remain with you until we have accepted the delivery. The risk in your cards transfers to us when we accept delivery and will remain with us through the service until we release your cards to Australia Post or any other service provider for return delivery as instructed by you.


3. OCE Grading reserves the right to reject grading for cards which appear to show evidence of alteration or questionable authenticity. In the event that we reject any items for grading the service fee will not be refunded as this determination requires the item to be assessed by us. Furthermore, the customer agrees not to knowingly submit and such items. 


4. OCE Grading will endeavour to exercise reasonable care in handling items submitted for our services. However, if OCE Grading determines a customers item was lost or damaged while in our possession, the customer will be compensated the sum of the cards insured value which has been paid for in the submission form. If the insured value exceeds $5000AUD, the maximum covered value will remain as $5000AUD per submission.


5. If the customer inspects the returned cards and determines that there has been damage caused by us, and can without doubt prove this has occurred, OCE Grading will compensate the customer a sum based on the insured
value of the card - within the maximum covered $5000AUD limit. Additionally if the returned labels or cases are mislabelled/damaged OCE Grading will amend this free of charge. 


6. OCE Grading reserves the right to compile various data regarding each item submitted for our services. This Data includes but is not limited to: identity, photographs and scans. In consideration for the services provided
by OCE Grading, the customer authorizes OCE Grading to collect and maintain such data. Further, the customer agrees that OCE Grading will be the owner of all such data. Therefore OCE Grading may use the data for commercial reasons or any other purposes we deem appropriate.


7. These terms and conditions form the entire Agreement under which we will provide the Services to you. If it is determined that there are any inconsistencies between this Agreement and the Customer Agreement, then this Agreement shall control.

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