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Slab & Label Design


Label Design

The goal with our labels was to achieve something as aesthetically pleasing as possible, which can fit all the identifiers required for various card games whilst still maintaining a professional look.

To distinguish the prestige of a higher grade we have decided to split our labels into 3 tiers. Ivory for grades 1-7.5, Silver for grades 8-9.5, and Gold for 10's.

We believe the card name and grade are the most important identifiers for labels and as such these are both embolden on the label.

With security being an important factor to consider, we have included a hologram security stamp on the back of the label to prevent replication. To maintain the aesthetic of the labels a silver based hologram is used for Ivory + Silver and Gold based for the Gold label.

Slab Design

While designing the slab, consideration for protection of the card was the most important factor. Our slabs are made of an ultra clear hard plastic, to provide a strong case while maintaining the visual integrity of the card. 

Internally the slabs are designed to prevent movement of the card, additionally, card are internally sleeved within the slabs for further protection.

All our slabs are ultrasonically welded and as an added security measure to stop replication, our OCE logo has been laser engraved at the bottom.

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